Ep 5 Haulin’ in the Holler & Yamacraw 50K Races

Haulin’ in the Holler 50K, Yamacraw 50K, my three near-death experiences. I also talk about the “Mound” and K. V. Switzer.

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Haulin’ in the Holler (2015) & Yamacraw medals

Haulin’ in the Holler 50K & 25K & 5K

Course map

West Virginia Mountain Trail Runners

Pictures of Haulin’ in the Holler:

Their own special portapotty!

Folks I interviewed from Haulin’ in the Holler:

Nick Kelly and Jessica Wolfe

Justin and Sarah Ray

Holly Bailey

Mary Ann Yarborough

Me with RD Gregg Yarborough in 2015

Yamacraw 50K & 20K & 10K
No Business 100
Daniel Boone National Forest
Big South Fork River & Recreation Area

Pictures of Yamacraw:

Here I am! Thanks to T Gregory Knox for the photo.

Folks I interviewed at Yamacraw

Donna Russell and Ruth Sutton

Les Wilkinson

Me with RD Brian Gajus

I mentioned Sword Endurance Drink

Canyon de Chelly Ultra (55K)
Article about Canyon de Chelly Ultra

Smokies Challenge Adventure Run (SCAR)

Article about fast packing

Mound Science and Energy Museum

Mound Science & Energy Museum, and tour of building T

“Advanced” electromechanical calculator, late 40’s

Nuclear artillery shell fired from an 9-inch Howitzer. It weighed 200 pounds and had a yield of 100-1000 tons of TNT. It had neutron bomb capacity. From ultrarunner and Los Alamos physicist Blake Wood: “The idea behind a “neutron bomb” is that the lethal radius for the neutron radiation is greater than for the blast, at least for tanks. It was intended to stop a Soviet tank invasion of Western Europe without blowing up all the towns in between, on friendly territory, hence the relatively low yield. It still would have done a lot of damage, but less than a higher yield weapon that relied solely on blast effects.

In the T-building, during cleanup sometimes parts of floors had to be cut away because they were radioactive.

Picture of workers in protective suits they wore. This worker is being scanned for radioactivity.

The Faraday Cage I spoke about.

Glove boxes, where workers could handle dangerous materials.

Katherine Switzer

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Ep 4 One Hundred K’s of Convenience

One Hundred K’s of Convenience race, St. Brigid of Kildare, and the guy who invented the butterfly stroke are covered in today’s show. We talk about what the Quad Cities and Schuetzen Park is. A listener sends in an email.

Wendy Foote’s race report (40 mile winner).

Thanks to TeknoAXE for the music. You can find them on YouTube as well.

Other GREAT races put on by Joshua Sun et al in the Quad Cities area:

Mines of Spain. Schuetzen NEIN! Hour. Sunderbruch B&B. Go do them! Fun!

Also, do the Quad Cities Times Bix 7 and the Quad Cities Marathon. Two more great races!

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Pictures from One Hundred K’s of Convenience

Awards for 40 mile and 100K finishers:

Folks I interviewed below.

Race directors Ryan Ames (left) and Joshua Sun.

Finishers Julie Tyler, Wendy Foote, and Jill Riedemann.

Finisher Alex Timm.

Finishers Mitchell Elliot (left) and Maddog Dillon.

Finisher Jason Willits.

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Ep 3 Black Mountain Marathon and Mt Mitchell Challenge

Black Mountain Marathon and Mt Mitchell Challenge. Also, Ethiopia and the first triathlon.

Thanks to Jon Yoon for “(I Wanna Meet) Bill Nye.” He’s a fellow ultrarunner. Find him on Facebook at “Jon Yoon Music.” Watch this on YouTube. It’s super catchy.

Thanks to Jonathan Contreras for new Topics in Endurance logo.

Thanks to my donors: John Duguid, David Armbruster, and Barb Riggins!

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Me with race director Jay Curwen.

Joseph Ingram.

Sophie Seidel.

Jackie Merritt.

Mr. and Mrs. Gonzales.

Jon Yoon.

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Ep 2 David’s Trail Endurance Run

David’s Trail Endurance Run and my Western States “Training Plan”. We also talk about fetal hearts, and who is Eleanore Adams and what amazing thing did she accomplish?

Thanks to Paul Giglioti for his help on how to use Google Hangout. Check out Pirate Perry Events for other races in the Northern Arkansas/Southern Missouri area.

And to my donors: Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Jack Johnstone and Dan Shanahan, Charlie Driscoll, and Wade Lindhorst.

Thanks to Andrew Folken for the music.

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Ep 1 Topics in Endurance Sports

Introduction to the show and to me! Tim from Ohio. Middle-aged back-of-the-pack runner – roads and (now mostly) trails. From 5K to 100 miles. Also triathlons up through the Ironman distance. Have done a few road bike races and bike tours. By profession I’m a chemistry guy. Taught at universities and worked in the chemical industry. Now seeking chemistry consulting gigs. Now doing run coaching. HS XC coach for one year so far.

What’s podcast about? Purposely left a bit vague so I can change over time. Could be anything I find interesting. Running, triathlon, or other. Endurance ping pong. Backpacking. If you’re not interested now, check out some other episodes. But I run a lot. Expect lots of running, but some things apply to anything. E.g., nutrition, physiology.

At the moment I’m deep into ultrarunning season, so expect a heavy emphasis on that for awhile.

Probably not interviews of top athletes. Bunch of those already. But I do have some interview ideas in mind. I’m shy in person though – find it very hard to ask people to do things. I feel embarrassed.

You will notice I’m calling this a podcast. That’s how I think of it. However, just for fun I am making videos of these to post on Youtube, because I think some folks like to watch Youtube videos and do not listen to podcasts. The content is the same either way.

By bizarre chance, this podcast starts off with a second purpose. I got into Western States 100 Mile race. WS is the Boston Marathon of 100 milers. I got into the lottery on one ticket. So I may somewhat document the journey to WS here. We’ll see.

I list a bunch of other podcasts I listen to.

Also, Weapons of Math Instruction and Terry Fox.

Thanks to my donors: including Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show. Also Dave Jackson of School of Podcasting. Michael Butler is my inspiration for this podcast. Also thanks to Eleanore Adams, Jack Johnstone and Dan Shanahan.

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