Ep 15 Running Out and Other Stories

I review the book “Running Out” and read listener-contributed original stories! Apologies for the lack of editing on this one. Listen at double speed!

Note mistake about location of Running For Tyler 5K on Mar 31. It’s in OHIO, not GEORGIA.

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Running Out, by Dave Essinger

More about author Dave Essinger here. Get his book here.

Poem by Brandi Canann:

I know it seems drastic from your point of view,

I want to eat fresh air and drink that morning dew.

You ask, who is this girl all laced up in her shoes?

Where did she come from, which path will she choose?


You’ll find me deep in the woods, howling up at the moon,

But I promise you babe, I’ll be home soon.

Cause I’m a wild one, with a wild heart,

Please don’t try to tame me, it’ll rip me apart.


I’ll be lost on that trail, reconnecting with me,

But don’t worry love, with you is where I’ll always be.

I’ve just got this urge, and it’s pulling me on.

I need the dirt underfoot, to feel the blaze of the sun.


I want to traipse through the desert like that horse with no name,

Bounding wild and free over rocky and unforgiving terrain.

But at the end of the day, when the journey is through,

Don’t doubt for a second that I’m coming back to you.


I’ve got to push this animal body to its limit, and make myself proud.

I long for that wilderness where I can be primal, uninhibited and wild.

But don’t worry love, because I can promise you this,

When this race is over I’ll greet you with the most tender kiss.


So forgive me if I wander and chase down these dreams,

I know they are lofty, but not as crazy as they now seem.

I’m still just a girl with a wild and open heart,

With a hunger for the pain and the courage to start.

Write up about Bill Kenley’s novel, High School Runner (Freshman)

Screen captures about Tyler Becket (from @CrossProb on Twitter):

There has been a 5K/scholarship created in his name. The first Running for Tyler 5K Run/Walk will be March 31, 2018 in Marietta, OH. (I said GEORGIA in the show. It’s right here in my state of OHIO.)


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