Ep 4 One Hundred K’s of Convenience

One Hundred K’s of Convenience race, St. Brigid of Kildare, and the guy who invented the butterfly stroke are covered in today’s show. We talk about what the Quad Cities and Schuetzen Park is. A listener sends in an email.

Wendy Foote’s race report (40 mile winner).

Thanks to TeknoAXE for the music. You can find them on YouTube as well.

Other GREAT races put on by Joshua Sun et al in the Quad Cities area:

Mines of Spain. Schuetzen NEIN! Hour. Sunderbruch B&B. Go do them! Fun!

Also, do the Quad Cities Times Bix 7 and the Quad Cities Marathon. Two more great races!

Watch this episode on YouTube! Same show.

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Pictures from One Hundred K’s of Convenience

Awards for 40 mile and 100K finishers:

Folks I interviewed below.

Race directors Ryan Ames (left) and Joshua Sun.

Finishers Julie Tyler, Wendy Foote, and Jill Riedemann.

Finisher Alex Timm.

Finishers Mitchell Elliot (left) and Maddog Dillon.

Finisher Jason Willits.

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