Ep 18 Ashley and Tim Sweep UROC

I review UROC, the Ultra Race of Champions. Including an interview with finisher Ashley Blake.

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Forever Trails water bottle I mentioned.

With Ashley at the finish

My run in Charleston West Virginia.

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson

Union soldier


University of Charleston

Course maps

Shirt. SFuels. Medal.

Packet pickup.

Motel at Camp Blue Ridge.

Race morning: Francesca Conte

Anthony Kunkel

Amanda Basham

Michael Wardian

First part of race

Blue Ridge Parkway

Whetstone Ridge Trail

Back near 100K/50K split, around mile 32.

That’s the finish up there, but we won’t approach it from here in the end.

Going right past the eventual finish, around mile 34.

Just past the finish, heading out with 30 miles to go.

Up to Bald Mtn aid station.

Sections of second part of course. More rocks.

Ashley and Tim. Done!

With RD James Gill.

2 Replies to “Ep 18 Ashley and Tim Sweep UROC”

  1. Great breakdown of the UROC course. The course was definitely a Beast Coast course. I would not have wanted to be running on that course in the dark as I wouldn’t have been able to run. Props to you and everyone else that finished or even started the race. Although the course was gnarly the views were pretty spectacular.
    Small correction, my finish time, was 10:08:24 not 10:24:00.
    As for your bottles with the straws, most hydration vests have a small strap that you put the extended straws through so that they don’t flop around. If your vest doesn’t have the little straps a little fabric and string and you could add them yourself (definitely worth it). No more floppy bottle tops and you don’t have to put the caps on as tight.

  2. Good to hear from you Tyler! Oopsie on the time mistake! Wonder where I got that from.

    Hey, I DO see a little loop on my hydration vest. I never even noticed it before. Thanks for mentioning that. I’ll try it next time!

    Keep on runnin’!

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