All About JFK 50. With Marisa and Alexandra

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In episode 36 I talk about running the JFK 50 Mile. I interview fellow finishers Marisa and Alexandra as well. These two women are impressive in every way! You’ll learn all about the race and my brief stay in Pittsburgh after the race. Lots of photos below.

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  1. Flyboys! The restaurant where we did our interview in Dayton is called Flyboys — highly recommend for breakfast sandwiches! 🙂

  2. I was able to run the race last year (2019), my first in that distance. You’re right, the AT is difficult there. I fell on my face a few miles before reaching the cliffs. Nothing serious, but I got scared. Thanks to a group of five people, I was able to finish. It was an amazing experience. I wrote a an essay in Spanish, and I’m translating it into English now. I like you narration, very rich for both the begginer and the experienced. Thank you for sharing.

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