Corona Virtual Racing Part 2

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I continue to talk about doing some not-racing racing and adventures, and again I invite some friends to talk about what they’ve done. Join me, Aneta Zeppettella, Jennifer Keiser Russo, Alex Gold, Nick Quanrud, and Maria Borowik to get a sampling of what folks are doing.

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Fleet Feet of Davenport Iowa sponsored the Fanny Pack Frenzy
Spoken Bicycles of Middletown Ohio sponsored the Metric Century
Alex Gold’s Ultrarunning Magazine article
ORRRC Twin Creek 10K
Climbing Adventure
Shrieking 6K

Corona Virtual Racing Part 1

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After my last race (Ep 38), I found all my upcoming races cancelled. So I dove into some virtual racing and adventures which I discuss. Also friends join in to discuss what they did. So listen up while I talk about the Death March Bike Race, the Middletonian 5K, and the Iron Furnace Half Marathon. Plus we hear from Fred Hatfield, Nate Canton, and Greg Henneman.

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Middletonian 5K
Death March Bike Race
Iron Furnace Trail Run


gofundme for Charlie Price. Please help!
Greg Henneman’s Perseverance Runner blog.

Cactus Classic Trail Races and Yo Yo Man Scott Searle

In episode 38 I talk about running the Cactus Classic Trail Races near Peoria, Illinois. Also the Frosty 14 trail race near Waynesville, Ohio. Finally I talk with Yo Yo Man Scott Searle. Listen to how he became the Yo Yo Man, and his fascinating backstory that got him into running! Check out pictures below as well.
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Eventually I’ll post a YouTube version of the podcast! Same exact content, just put on YouTube for those who don’t do podcasts. See the pictures while I talk.

Mississippi Marathon and Atlanta Olympic Trials

In episode 37 I talk about running the Mississippi River Marathon. My daughter Tia did the Half. I also talk about going to Atlanta with my wife to watch the Olympic marathon trials. Good stuff! Lots of pics in the show notes.
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FB: RunSmith Enterprises (group)
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Instagram: timcsmith1961
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All About JFK 50. With Marisa and Alexandra

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In episode 36 I talk about running the JFK 50 Mile. I interview fellow finishers Marisa and Alexandra as well. These two women are impressive in every way! You’ll learn all about the race and my brief stay in Pittsburgh after the race. Lots of photos below.

Hawkeye Fallout 50K and Run For the Schools Half Marathon

In episode 35 I talk about running the Hawkeye Fallout 50K. My daughter ran the 25K. The next day I did the Run For The Schools Half Marathon and my daughter did the 10K. Both of these are in/near Iowa City, Iowa. I interview my daughter and also Brian Tharp, co-owner of We Run in North Liberty, IA and the Hawkeye Fallout races.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the trail sections! But I got some at the spillway and on the crushed gravel paths.

Hawkeye 50K spillway

2019 Fall Recap

In episode 34 I recap much of my last six months. Some about our vacation last summer. Some about racing I did this fall. Some about the cross country team I coach. I chat with some friends about biking and cyclocross. And finally a review of the book Wild, by Cheryl Strayed.

Spoken Bicycles of Middletown, OH
Colorado Custard Company, where Matt Carpenter works
Matt Carpenter’s bio
Manitou Incline
Garden of the Gods
Cheyenne Zoo
Albuquerque Isotopes
Meow Wolf
Ghost Ranch
Tent Rocks
Mines of Spain Trail Races
Dayton River Corridor Half Marathon
OVCX (Cyclocross) Races

A Conversation with Blake Wood

In this episode I talk with an incredible ultrarunner who is a real rocket scientist! Blake Wood has completed the Barkley Marathons, 22 Hardrock finishes, and ran two sub 3-hour marathons 41 years apart, and can still run a 5:21 mile at the age of 60. That’s just for starters. On top of that he’s a real nuclear physicist at the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory. We talk science, cross country coaching, and of course some running.

Some Blake Wood info, not updated in years, it seems.
WeRunFar interview with Blake
Fastest Known Podcast episode with Blake
Ultrarunner Podcast episode with Blake
Jemez 50 mi/50K/15mi

Silver Rush 50 & 15.5 Mile Trail Races

I talk about running the Silver Rush 50 out of Leadville, Colorado. Also I interview finisher Alicia Heyne and 15.5 mile finisher Tiana Smith.

Leadville Races, including Silver Rush 50 & 15.5

Mohican 100/50/Marathon Trail Races

Learn about this classic Midwestern summer 100 mile trail race. This year I paced Zach Franklin in the 100 mile and I talk about that. I also talk about when I ran it as my first 100 miler a few years ago. And I interview 50 mile finisher Stacy Braff.

Mohican 100 mile
Decaironman that Zach is doing
My 2014 blog post about this race

Some pics including pics of the course