All About JFK 50. With Marisa and Alexandra

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In episode 36 I talk about running the JFK 50 Mile. I interview fellow finishers Marisa and Alexandra as well. These two women are impressive in every way! You’ll learn all about the race and my brief stay in Pittsburgh after the race. Lots of photos below.

Hawkeye Fallout 50K and Run For the Schools Half Marathon

In episode 35 I talk about running the Hawkeye Fallout 50K. My daughter ran the 25K. The next day I did the Run For The Schools Half Marathon and my daughter did the 10K. Both of these are in/near Iowa City, Iowa. I interview my daughter and also Brian Tharp, co-owner of We Run in North Liberty, IA and the Hawkeye Fallout races.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the trail sections! But I got some at the spillway and on the crushed gravel paths.

Hawkeye 50K spillway