Ep 17 Hawkeye 50K & Backside Trail Marathon

In this episode I review two races I did in April, in Iowa and Kentucky. With interviews. Check it out!

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Hawkeye 50K & 25K/Hawkeye Fallout/Other races put on by We Run

Backside Trail Marathon

Rabbit Test

Cycling to End Lupus

Here is a video of the Hawkeye 50K course. This is very useful. Note: when this was made, the course started at what is the second aid station encountered on the course.

Hawkeye 50K Pictures


The course

Race day weather

Some pics from other races and other times of the year.

Coming up to second aid station.

Crushed gravel in winter.

The dam


Turn left onto the highway.

Lodge at start of race.

Casey O’Connor on the left. RD Brian Tharp on the right.

With RD’s Kris and Brian Tharp

Firefighter Casey O’Connor

Thorsday group

Race Goodies

Hu Hot’s Mongolian Grill. Yummmmm.

Backside Trail Marathon Pictures

The course

Race director Troy Shellhammer

Left to Right: Will Rivera, Cynthia Heady, John Wright

Race Goodies

Mmmm, Five Guys triple