Ep 16 Buzzard Day 50K and Knoxville Marathon

I review the Buzzard Day 50K and the Knoxville Marathon. With interviews! Also I talk about going to the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, TN. And seeing Michael Schenker in Cleveland.

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Sponsor: Health IQ

Cycling to End Lupus. Please donate to help Keith Rahn.

Buzzard Day 50K/100K/25K

Run To Share, the charity of Buzzard Day. Please donate.

Knoxville Marathon

American Museum of Science and Energy

Love Does, the organization my friend Pat raised money for. Please donate to help the orphanage in Nepal.

Michael Schenker concert at the Agora Theatre in Cleveland.

With bro-in-law Kenny.

Michael Schenker in the spotlight.

Buzzard Day 50K.


With Buzzard Day RD Roy Heger.

With local friends Randy Kreill and Helen Garen after the Buzzard Day 50K.

Kimberly Durst, whom I interviewed with RD Roy.

RD Roy, the Ol’ Buzzard. And the shirt and medal.

RIP Vic the Civic, who died on the way home from Buzzard Day.

Knoxville Marathon.

Sunsphere near the start.

With my daughter Tiana at the start, ready to run!

Downtown Knoxville, getting close to the finish.

Tiana crossing the finish line.

With our medals.

Knoxville Marathon goodies.

After the race, in Gatlinburg.

Good food at J. T. Hannah’s.

Next day, at the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge, TN.

Part of a unit used to separate U-235 from U-238.

Airplane bombsight.

Hair raising demonstration with the Van de Graaff generator.


Example of a flat top house built for residents of Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project.

Downtown Knoxville.

In a store in Knoxville. I remember these from when I was young.

Pat Farrell and I during his charity run.

Pat’s finish. You can donate to lovedoes.org/nepal.