Ep 13 Tunnel Hill 100 with Jes & Andrew

I talk to Jes & Andrew about the Tunnel Hill 100 race in Illinois.

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Here is the YouTube version of the podcast! Same exact content, just put on YouTube for those who don’t do podcasts. See the pictures while I talk.

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Website for Tunnel Hill 100 (Look under “Races”)


Pre-race with Coree Woltering

Jes and Andrew

Jes and Andrew at the interview

Jes and Sarah

Andrew and Harvey Lewis (he did the 50)

JesĀ  and Andrew with their buckles!

Pictures of the course


With RD Steve Durbin

My wife Deb captured Camille Herron’s finish

After race burger!

Race Goodies


Finishers Jacket

Cotton hoodie


Hat and bib belt

Bag with velcro closure

Drawstring bag

My little cheat sheet