Ep 10 Racing, Running and Sightseeing in California

We spent nearly five weeks in California. Here is where I ran, two races I did, an interview, and other things we saw and did. Check it out!

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Check out:

Spoken Bicycles

Steel City Half Day Fat Azz Run

Pictures to go along with the podcast:

Independence Trail

Auburn Running Company

Our AirBnB


Road near our AirBnB

Heat training at our AirBnB

Buttermilk Bend Trail

Point Defiance Loop

Sawtooth Bike Trail near Truckee

Burger Me! in Truckee

Pioneer Express Trail at Folsom Lake

Folsom Prison

Deb’s birthday meal!

Up near Robinson’s Flat

Sugar Pine Reservoir

Pioneer Trail along Hwy 20


Deer Creek Tribute Trail

Dent I put in car & Emerald Island in Lake Tahoe

Cody Lake Sierra Trail Challenge Half Marathon

Race director of Cody Lake, Troy Limb. His races can be found at Troy’s California Trail Runs.

Keely McCaskie, whom I interviewed. Women’s winner of the Half!

Tango Frozen Yogurt in Auburn

Quarry Trail, Auburn Recreation Area

No Hands Bridge

David and Tamara, in Berkeley

Views from Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley

San Francisco

Drove across the Golden Gate heading back to the AirBnB

Squaw Valley to watch Broken Arrow Skyrace. Winner JP Donovan (taller) & second place Max King.

City of Locke


Michael Butler, of The Butlers (He says there is no relation between his name and the band name, but I’m not sure I believe him.)


The tattoo that nearly got me killed

Nevada City Mile race

Heading down the final stretch!

California State Railroad Museum

Old Sacramento

Bernhard House