Ep 9 Western States 100 Mile Run: Pre-Race, and the First 30 Miles

I lined up at the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Here you find out what happened. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone hoping to do this race. I also talk about the incredible accomplishment of my nephew Kurt Slattery! I talk slowly. Play at double speed!

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Episode 39 of the East Coast Trail and Ultra Podcast, in which I was interviewed! It’s very funny.

Article about my nephew Kurt Slattery‘s amazing day to get into the John Deere Classic Golf Tourney! Be sure to watch the video in it!

Camille Herron, Michael Wardian

YiOu Wang

Drop bags

These two folks snuck into my own picture and I got relegated to being a photobomber. With Gordy Ansleigh.

Nikki Kimball

Gunhild Swanson

John Fegyveresi

Jim Walmsley

Race start

Climbing up to the escarpment.

Looking back down on Squaw Valley.

Snow. Lots of snow.

Creeks. Lots.

Mud. Lots.


Beautiful views.

Some trails were nice.

Some a bit rocky.

My daughter

My wife.

At the awards ceremony. That’s Gordy again.

Women’s winner Cat Bradley.

Men’s winner Ryan Sandes.

Michael Wardian, left, and 5th place Chris DeNucci.

Second place Alex Nichols.

In N Out Burger.

WS hat I bought.