Ep 8 Western States Memorial Weekend Training Camp

I talk a lot about the 2017 Western States Training Camp that I recently did. With interviews.

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Here’s Mark Thill, and also Karen Ringheiser and Dima Feinhaus, all of whom I interviewed.

The first of the Run Steep Get High videos I mentioned that covered the Training Runs. See #’s 148 and 149 for the next two.

The essay I wrote: Top Ten Reasons to do the Western States Training Camp.

Thirty Hours, the video about Wally Hesseltine.

I mentioned this video, which is a course overview. There are a bunch of videos and podcasts covering the 2017 race now as well.

Some pictures from the Training Camp. I’d really need to post 50 pictures to capture it all, but here’s a few of them.

With Clare Gallagher.

With Kaci Lickteig.

With Elov Olsson.

With Nicole Kalogeropoulos.

With Zach Bitter.

With Stephanie Howe Violett.

With Magda Boulet.

With Tim Twietmeyer.

With Jeff Browning.

With Ian Sharman.