Ep 2 David’s Trail Endurance Run

David’s Trail Endurance Run and my Western States “Training Plan”. We also talk about fetal hearts, and who is Eleanore Adams and what amazing thing did she accomplish?

Thanks to Paul Giglioti for his help on how to use Google Hangout. Check out Pirate Perry Events for other races in the Northern Arkansas/Southern Missouri area.

And to my donors: Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show, Jack Johnstone and Dan Shanahan, Charlie Driscoll, and Wade Lindhorst.

Thanks to Andrew Folken for the music.

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Ep 1 Topics in Endurance Sports

Introduction to the show and to me! Tim from Ohio. Middle-aged back-of-the-pack runner – roads and (now mostly) trails. From 5K to 100 miles. Also triathlons up through the Ironman distance. Have done a few road bike races and bike tours. By profession I’m a chemistry guy. Taught at universities and worked in the chemical industry. Now seeking chemistry consulting gigs. Now doing run coaching. HS XC coach for one year so far.

What’s podcast about? Purposely left a bit vague so I can change over time. Could be anything I find interesting. Running, triathlon, or other. Endurance ping pong. Backpacking. If you’re not interested now, check out some other episodes. But I run a lot. Expect lots of running, but some things apply to anything. E.g., nutrition, physiology.

At the moment I’m deep into ultrarunning season, so expect a heavy emphasis on that for awhile.

Probably not interviews of top athletes. Bunch of those already. But I do have some interview ideas in mind. I’m shy in person though – find it very hard to ask people to do things. I feel embarrassed.

You will notice I’m calling this a podcast. That’s how I think of it. However, just for fun I am making videos of these to post on Youtube, because I think some folks like to watch Youtube videos and do not listen to podcasts. The content is the same either way.

By bizarre chance, this podcast starts off with a second purpose. I got into Western States 100 Mile race. WS is the Boston Marathon of 100 milers. I got into the lottery on one ticket. So I may somewhat document the journey to WS here. We’ll see.

I list a bunch of other podcasts I listen to.

Also, Weapons of Math Instruction and Terry Fox.

Thanks to my donors: including Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show. Also Dave Jackson of School of Podcasting. Michael Butler is my inspiration for this podcast. Also thanks to Eleanore Adams, Jack Johnstone and Dan Shanahan.

Watch this episode on YouTube if you want! Same show.

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