Run Coaching

  • Want to get out and run? Think you can’t? You can!
  • Want to try your first 5K?
  • Thinking about maybe trying a half marathon or even a marathon?
  • Want to try trail running?

RunSmith Coaching is ready to help you with your running goals. I’ve completed races from 5K to 100 miles, on roads and trails, have qualified for and run the Boston Marathon, and have completed triathlons through the Ironman distance. I’m also Road Runners Club of America coaching-certified and I am a high school cross country coach.

Current Rates: $25 per month. Coaching includes your personal plan (no cookie cutter plans), plus weekly emails from me to go over your training, and my phone number for texting/phone calls when you have questions. Constant communication is key and encouraged.

Yes you can find plans online. Too many, in fact. I’ve tried them. One ran me into the ground and I ended up injured. One worked pretty well. But it’s really a hit-and-miss game trying to find one to use, because no two people are the same. With a coach you get a better chance of success. And this is huge: you are held accountable. I will work with your schedule and your lifestyle to help you become a runner in a stress-free way. No, I will not force you to run many miles in horrid weather, unless you want to! My philosophy is that over time you’ll learn what I know, enabling you to become your own coach. I try to make training simple. There really are no great secrets to run training. It’s just a mess trying to wade through the vast information available. Sometimes just getting a little help starting out is all you need.

Many other coaches charge over $100 per month, or even over $200 per month. Read that again, and then double check my rate! Payment can be made via Paypal or Venmo or you can write a check or we can use other methods. NO payment is needed until we’ve communicated for a couple of weeks and we realize it will be a good match!

If you prefer to just have me create a personalized plan just for you for your upcoming race without the weekly/daily communication, saving you some dollars, I can do this as well. Again, I will first gather information about your background and goals, and then if we agree to proceed I’ll create a custom plan that should give you the best chance of success. Rates:

5K up to 16 week plan, $30.

10K up to 20 week plan, $40.

Half marathon up to 24 week plan, $50.

Marathon  up to 28 week plan, $60.

As stated above, a monthly rate with full access to me is $25/month.

Interested? Contact me at Or fill out the RunSmith Athlete Survey! This doesn’t commit you to anything. It just starts a conversation. You don’t commit or pay until we both decide the partnership is a good fit.